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How to Choose the Best Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes are a significant part of a bride’s look and while choosing them, you need to find a perfect match to your wedding dress. A well chosen pair of shoes will be not only a guarantee of comfort, but also the final accent putting together all elements of the image. Here are a few main ideas to help the bride select the right weddings footwear.

Quite often all the wedding activities start in the morning and finish closer to midnight. The shoes should be comfortable since most part of the day newlyweds are going to spend up on their feet, not forgetting to smile all the time. Though there are some creative brides who decide to put on New Balance shoewear, but most of them choose to go classic. If it’s possible, try to purchase several pairs of shoes for different parts of the wedding. For instance, for the solemn ceremony it’s better to go for elegant high heels whereas for the banquet and the first dance you can wear stylish middle heels. Thus, the comfort of the wedding shoes is one of crucial moments, which allows the bride to feel relaxed during this important day.

Traditionally, the style of wedding shoes should suit the cut of the wedding dress. Take into account the fact that if the dress has a lot of decorative elements, the shoes should be of concise colors with minimum adornments not to steal the show. Luckily, modern fashion doesn’t limit the bride in options. Even the choosiest women will be able to pick up the ideal pair of wedding shoes among numerous variety, including classic pumps, high heels, sandals or even boots for cold seasons.

Consider the fashion of the dress. For a short model, it’s better to choose some nice flats or stilettos. For a Greek dress the best choice will be gladiators, sandals or peep toe shoes. Shift dresses go well with classic pumps. If you want to wear a ball gown, go for heels or wedges to look higher. As for the height of the shoes, you should pick up models which allow you to be of the same level with your husband-to-be. The best variant is to choose the heel or platform which you wear in your everyday life, so that you avoid tiredness and unpleasant pain in the legs during this responsible day. If you’re expecting a baby, it’s advisable to put on some flats.

As a rule, shoes are chosen to match the color of the wedding dress or two shades darker. Except classic white, beige and pastel shades are quite widespread. When you go shopping for a dress, take a piece of the cloth with you and it will be much easier for you to purchase the right pair of Naturalizer shoes. Modern fashion trends give wide possibilities for brides to select wedding footwear in a bright vivid range of colors. In this case, the main advice is to perfectly match the color of the shoes with the color of the dress or separate wedding accessories and decorative elements, for example, a purse, a flower bouquet, some stripes, a belt or a brooch.

With these ideas in mind, you’ll easily find the right wedding shoes.
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