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3 French speakers have been in the top 10 from the H1Z1 winter DreamHack in 2017

Daybreak Games announced the particular elite series, a good e-sports event which includes all the best individual participants on H1Z1: typically the king of the killings. The second stop within the world tour may be the DreamHack Winter, that is $250, 000.

Within French, we will keep in mind the performance regarding Teeqzy, Zinko and also Guezmerr. The three people ranked first within the top 10 of the 2017 DreamHack winter top notch series. In this competitors, the average of the 3 games is the typical. The first won $30, 000, the second $17, 000, and the 3rd won $13, 000.

Belgian Teeqzy received sixth place having a $5, 000 reward, killing four involving his three fits. He entered your competitors with 12 video games, a more aggressive design, a fifth name and $7, 000. Zinko, who carried out the best in Portugal, won the fourth location and killed 3 times to $9, 000.

After this result, Zinko gave us their impression:

"I'm pleased, I don't think I am doing so well. Excellent, "tryhard" to pay! Aspire to do better or the actual same thing in the next competition! "

The results through the french-speaking area were being followed by the energy of the first 4 teams in the H1Z1 league. France along with Belgium appear in e-sports H1Z1, which is excellent!

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