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Armored Core games will be continued

As gamers who fall in love with this creative industry because of the gigantic titles that are hard to forget, nothing more sad than to see games that have this emotional closeness end up dead. That despite the potential remaining and the harsh demand of fans, publishers and developers refuse to raise them through the presence of the latest series for reasons that can never be understood. For the lover of mecha - Armored Core series of gamers, it is this sensation that never goes away every time you see the focus of From Software - the developer who seems more interested in giving more Souls series. But fortunately, Armored Core itself is certainly not "dead".

This is what Yasunori Ogura expressed through official shoot via his Twitter account. Welcoming the 20th anniversary of Armored Core as a franchise, From Software aakn released a theme for Playstation 4. But not only that, he insists that this franchise will continue in the future! He may not be able to talk much at the moment, but he hopes gamers can be a little patient so he can cast an official announcement later. What announcement? No further details at this time.

If you look at trends and talks over the last few months, it seems like a matter of time until we see a new series of Armored Core built for the current generation platform. How about you? How many of you have missed this one mecha fighting game?

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