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Smoke and Buzz

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights For Plants Help To Stretch Your Dollar

Discover what survivalists, hobbyists and commercial hydroponic farmers have already discovered and begin using full spectrum LED grow lights in your own home. Stop paying good money for bland, tasteless, pesticide-laced produce. Stretch your budget and grow your own fruits and vegetables or fresh herbs for pennies on the dollar. Start your flowers indoors, get a jump on the growing season, and cut out the middleman at the garden center. Maybe even launch a new business enterprise selling your own produce, plants, herbs, flowers or even medicine and make money instead of spending it.

These lights give an in home gardener self reliance, control over quality of the product, elimination of unnecessary poisons and toxins, and the flexibility to enjoy fresh tasting produce regardless of growing seasons. They also offer incredible energy savings over the traditional hydroponic bulbs. The life span of a LED grow light is 50,000-100,000 hours (averaging between five and seven years), compared to only 5,000 hours (or about seven months), with traditional hydroponic bulbs. The glaring difference in cost efficiency speaks for itself.

In addition to years of use, they alleviate the need for expensive accessories like ballasts, reflectors, fans etc and allow more growing in a smaller space. Plants also receive 90-99% of light directly for photosynthesis over the 35% of other hydroponic bulbs, almost 2/3 more efficiency. This is due to the spectrum of light that LED’s output as compared to conventional grow lights. LED grow lights for plants output the correct light waves that are most essential for growing. Another advantage is that they emit very little heat, which prevents scorched leaves or fruit, unsightly scars or burns, and excessive dehydration. Because LED’s don’t get as hot, there is less watering involved and less likely a chance of drying out your plants.

It is essential to purchase a smokeandbuzz light that falls within the spectra of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), which is the light that the plants actually use for photosynthesis. Equally important is one that uses the most beneficial light colors of red, blue, and orange for optimal plant growth. There are many online retailers that sell various grow lights that will provide the correct colors of lights so that your plants will get the best yields for any given season no matter what time of year it is. Plant grow lights are not cheap, so doing your homework is required so you can get the best return on your investment. A little research into the correct and most beneficial LED grow lights for plants will lead to a bountiful, lower cost harvest tomorrow.
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