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You obtain zeal as runescape gold

Level 16 summoning can be reached as a result of this quest.In order to make a pouch, the proper amount of shards, charms, and secondary ingredients must be obtained and brought to a summoning obelisk so runescape gold the familiar can be created.The main summoning obelisk lies in Taverly, however, once level 57 summoning is reached. The Spirit Kyatt provides a shortcut to an alternative obelisk which provides faster pouch creation trips.

Charm CollectingSlayer is where most players would recommend collecting charms. Obviously, charms are collected by killing monsters and picking up the charms they leave behind. You gain combat experience as well as slayer experience if you choose to follow that method of gathering charms.The Soul Wars Minigame is another place in which a player can collect charms.

You obtain zeal as a result of winning which can be exchanged for summoning charms or combat experience.Monsters drop different types of charms at different rates. Below are a list of the most popular monsters to collect charms:Gold Charms: Catablepons, Goblins, Hellhounds and Giant Rock CrabsGreen Charms: Bloodvelds, Earth Warriors, Fire Giants and ScorpionsCrimson Charms: Waterfiends, Black Demons and Rock LobstersBlue Charms: Armored Zombies, Bork and GargoylesBelow are the summoning familiars that you should create in order to supercharge your summoning level.

Gold CharmsHere are the recommended familiars you should create using your gold charms:Levels 4 - 16: DreadfowlsLevels 16 - 28: Granite CrabsLevels 28 - 52: Save your charmsLevels 52 - 66: Spirit TerrorbirdsLevels 66 - 99: Barker ToadsGreen buy osrs gold CharmsHere are the recommended familiars you should create using your green charms:Levels 28 - 33: Compost MoundsLevels 33 - 41: BeaversLevels 49 - 56: MagpiesLevels 56 - 69: IbisLevels 69 - 80: Fruit BatsLevels 80 - 88: HydraLevels 88 - 99: Unicorn StallionsCrimson CharmsHere are the recommended familiars you should create using your crimson charms:Levels 22-32: Spirit TzKhs.

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