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And Mike Dean isn't OK that’s a mmogo

And Mike Dean isn't OK that’s a bit unfair. Mike’s a very good referee. I just wish he wouldn’t look so pleased with himself all the time. And that he would have more than one facial expression. I saw him on a plane once. He looked just the FUT Coins same.

Anyway, the (very) broad point here is that the officiating at these championships has been sensible, unfussy and, on the whole, pretty much invisible. It’s rare you say that.Remember South Korea almost reaching the final on the back of iffy refereeing back in 2002?

They weren’t bent, they were just bad.Happily, France seems to have assembled a group determined to allow the football to take centre stage and that’s how it should be. Although there was that dodgy penalty in the Spain versus Croatia game. There is no way Mike would have given that.

But he would have loved waving play on… Mike Dean isn't there, but UEFA have Cheap FIFA Coins assembled a group of referees determined to allow football flow Fans keeping it real When visiting a major tournament it is important to understand one thing. These things are not put on for the supporters. UEFA — or Cheap FIFA Coins FIFA for that matter — do not care about you. They don’t care how much it costs to get here and they don’t care how you get to and from the stadiums.
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