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The rapper was believed to be mmogo

Posting raps about jihad on Twitter, Hostey urged young women considering joining ISIS to 'come as soon as possible'. He also called on video game-loving followers to stop playing 'Call of Duty and FIFA' and come 'to the khalifa' (or head of a Madden Coins Muslim state)He posed wearing a floppy fisherman's hat with his face covered and assault rifles on each shoulder. Since travelling to Syria, he is believed to have risen to the rank of senior commander.

Hostey was believed to have been injured in fighting but did not come home and still bragged of his exploits on social media sites. On Tumblr he told 'a sister in London' to contact him privately when she asked for advice on life under ISIS. The accusations against Hostey were revealed when a fellow fanatic from Australia called Abu Khalid sprung to his defence on Twitter.

The rapper was believed to be instrumental in luring Britons to become fighters or jihadi brides in Syria. He was accused of forcing women wanting help crossing the border from Turkey into taking off their veils so he could pick the prettiest ones and criticised for trying to steal girls from fellow fightersAccording to Khalid, he has also been accused of ordering women to remove clothing during Skype conversations about making arrangements to get them into Syria.Writing on a Twitter account, Khalid suggested that his colleague has an undeserved reputation for being a sex pest.

He also said Hostey has also been accused of lusting after women being helped into Buy Madden Mobile Coins Syria by other fighters. Born Raphel Saiho Hostey, he preferred to be known by the more anglicised name Raphael. Neighbours said he 'loved playing football with other local lads'. Read more: British jihadi reported to have been killed in SyriaKosovo elected as UEFA member in 28-24 vote | Daily Mail Online.
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