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Portable Crusher Promotes Substantial Development of Mining Industry

With the rapid development of urbanization, a large number of construction wastes come into being. Construction wastes include waste brick, concrete, rock, waste iron wire, rebars and so on and these materials can be recycled completely after processing. Portable crusher plant is especially suitable for crushing rock and construction waste and it greatly expands the concept field of coarse crushing and fine crushing of rocks and construction waste. Its design principle is to eliminate these crushing barriers brought by crushing site, environment and complex logistics standing in the customers’ position. Therefore, reasonably dealing with the construction waste has attracted people’s attention increasingly.

The disposal of construction waste in China is relatively late, but it is urgent to handle these construction wastes. Now lots of building solid wastes are produced because of the demolition of city and the rural urbanization. The stacking and landfill of these wastes not only occupy the land, but cause serious pollution to groundwater and air with waste gas and water generated by fermentation and washing under the effect of temperature and moisture.

The processing and recycling of construction waste is a systematic engineering, we should pay more attention to improve the level of technology processing of construction waste. Most of the construction waste can be recycled as renewable resources, such as using portable crushing plant to crush the abandoned building concrete and waste bricks in one-time. The coarse and fine aggregates can be used as in the productions of concrete, slurry and other building materials, such as bricklaying, wallboard, floor tile and so on. The coarse and fine aggregates can also be used as the materials of highway pavement base after mixing with curing materials. When the waste brick and tile (a kind of burnt clay material) crushed into powder material, it has pozzolanic activity and can be used as concrete admixture replacing coal ash, slag powders, mountain flour and so on. The portable crushing station is specially designed for construction waste in recent years; it can crush the construction waste which can be manufactured into construction materials by sand maker and the final products are environmentally friendly.

Portable Crusher:
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