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Technical Support Manager Careers

Technical support managers train and coordinate the company's technical service staff. In this role,
you will typically work with product development teams to improve and build documentation and
support procedures.

Chicagoland Statistics
The Department of Labor (DOL) classifies this job role as Computer User Support Specialists
15­1151.00. At this career level you might expect a starting annual salary of between $67,960
and $84,560. Top professionals with 10+ years exp. may expect to make upwards of $84,560
per year. The DOL estimates there to be roughly 16,880Computer User Support Specialists
jobs in the Chicagoland area. According to 2012 IDES estimates, with 13.47%growth in LWA 7
alone, we should expect a total of 9665jobs with 1142total openings by the end 2022.
Sample of companies that hire for this occupation in the Chicagoland Area
Based on an analysis of over 700,000 job postings.

What is the average salary of IT Analyst?

● Akima
● JP Morgan Chase
● Dell
● Alliance Data
● Apple
● Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
● Groupon
● Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
● Northwestern University
● Wyzant

Sample of related job titles

Help Desk Manager, Technical Support Manager, Service Manager, Customer Support
Manager, Front Line Support Manager, Manager of Technical Services, IT Service Delivery
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