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On the BlizzCon 2019 display floor

In Diablo 3, players can change their personality between female and male, but every class was tied to a certain design. Sure, you might be a woman Necromancer, but you'd be enjoying a white-haired, pale person with an affinity for skulls and a strong sense of menace. Diablo 4 will probably be a bit different; you will have the ability to customize the way your base character seems.

On the BlizzCon 2019 display floor, players will have access to four premade character designs for each of the demo's three categories, but there's a pretty major gap between each portrait. This Diablo game looks like it's going back to aesthetics that is grim, and every protagonist will be able to match that.

During the Diablo 4: Unveiled panel, Blizzard showed off some concept art for assorted Barbarians. The majority of them are scarred, haggard, and looking very miserable. Which is fair enough, considering each the disemboweling and demons showing up in the area around them. But players will be able to have control over what face they go with.

Blizzard Entertainment said that Diablo IV is taking inspiration but it is hard not to feel like it is distancing itself a bit from Diablo III. Diablo IV had its unveiling on November 1's launching ceremonies in Anaheim, California. Blizzard is positioning the activity role-playing game for a return to the roots that are darker of the franchise. This follows complaints that the Diablo III of 2012 lost a little bit of this show' grit.

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