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Start a New IT Career

Consider your interests and determine if they align with your desired IT career. For example, do you desire to you use your computer for more than just work or web browsing? If your main interest is in computer gaming, you may be suited for a career in game testing, writing game code or gaming customer support.

Many people working in IT, are required to work independently. Do you prefer working on your own or collaborating with a group? Having the ability to solve problems and experiment with ideas until a solution is found is another characteristic needed by IT professionals. Is that of interest to you? Before pursuing the new career, explore what interests you and test if your interest would be fulfilled in the new career.

Finding a good fit goes beyond matching your interests to the job. Since a career change is a life changing event, it is wise to evaluate it carefully. Find out what your new career in IT involves and if your background, skills and interests fit well with it. Try to learn as much as you can about IT job prospects, salary estimates, required skills, work-life balance etc.
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