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His GO item that is new comprises 45 HOF badges

There is a new G.O.A.T. card available for your legend Michael Jordan as a part of their NBA 2K20 Takeover packs. As expected, it is a Galaxy Opal for the Chicago Bulls winner that is six-time. You name it, MJ card gets it. After all, this is his Greatest of All Time card.

His GO item that is new comprises 45 HOF badges and 28 Gold along with lots of attributes in the 90s. Also getting Galaxy Opals are NBA stars Jason Kidd and Chris Bosh. Here's the official movie trailer for the newest NBA 2K20 Takeover packs and packs.

Gamers that are able to acquire a complete set of each the available limited time cards within the Takeover packs may obtain the Scottie Pippen Galaxy Opal. Pippen is given eligibility at the point guard spot to your MyTeam lineup by that card. By the way, the MJ Galaxy Opal isn't required for its set but all of the other cards listed below are.The new NBA 2K20 Takeover packs begin at 11,250 Virtual Currency or 10,500 MT to get a five-item standard package. For 15,000 VC or 17,500 MT, there's a Deluxe pack available with a bonded Takeover NBA 2K player inside. There is also a box selling for 135,000 VC each.

As far as the auctions go, the Galaxy Opals are commanding high levels of MT. particularly, that new GOAT MJ card is likely for 3.5 million MT or much more with his elderly card going for under 300,000 now. Giannis' Galaxy Opal card recently sold for 1,738,050 MT on the PS4 listings, along with other auction listings payable 1.7 MT. Chris Bosh is going for below 300,000 MT while Jason Kidd's new card is much cheaper at just 100,000 MT right now.

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