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OSRS is your way to go if you don't need to grind your eyes out and pay2win

OSRS is your way to go if you don't need to grind your eyes out and pay2win. The one thing you can buy with money is bonds which you can use for membership or sell for in gold. There's nothing else. RS3 provides challenges that are daily / weekly to get a spin plus xp the wheel type trades. They have a brand new promotion for it every now and then you can spend actual money to buy xp/ purchase gold/ items. Someone really did it and while it price 13k USD to maximum, it is potential and in RuneScape game. There's also auras which require you to pay a month to gain points to buy them and a bunch of cosmetics in RuneScape game.

The UI is a mess, I played back in the day but Idk what's going on now. I've played RuneScape since 08 and been playing OSRS off and on. In my opinion OSRS is your superior. Definitely skilling, and PvP. It also had a much larger community. There's also a solo programmer making a"OS Remastered" client currently that's working on upgrading graphics heavily. Look it up and combine the discord, it's pretty awesome!

Here is actually the RS3 subreddit, so keep in mind you might find some answers. Here is my take: OSRS is grindier as a complete but simpler to play. It's content that is lively early, involved, and a lot more robust and mid-game also due to that. The community is much larger on OSRS, the PVP is pretty big (on RS3 theres basically no PVP), and also the endgame PVM is there for OSRS, although not as complicated or mechanic heavy. There's hardly any MTX.

Back in RS3, mid-game and the ancient are there but are much faster and smaller. There's a clear focus on what some people would predict endgame content. The high level skilling is good too and there are a lot of, options that are solid, albeit quicker. Due to the skillers skill above level 99. The PVM on RS3 is enormous and will be the bread and butter RuneScape. The skills and battle system are entirely overhauled and offer endless possibilities. There is reward for all time and effort you put into RS3 PVM. You see DPS improvement the time. The graphics are better and there are quests on RS3.

The MTX is uncontrolled on RS3. Every day we get closer to being able to directly up buy XP (though this is actually better than the RNG gaming form of MTX it had been earlier ), and this also feeds a good deal to concentrate on endgame content. You are in a position to purchase a ton of XP bonuses (if you need ) just for to endgame content quicker. Though, you just get there quicker, PVM on RS3 isn't hindered by the MTX. So it is a pick for you. There's a lot of MTX in RS3 although rS3 is P2W. Besides that however, there is close endless PVM grind if that's exactly what you're looking for, good skilling grind, and a great deal of end-game as well as mid-game supervisors with very amazing drops which you get to work towards. Hope this helps.

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