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There are several people saying that this is exactly what each MMO launch resembles

1 look at the reddit will give you a rough idea, but basically Phantasy Star Online 2 launched on the windows shop, and every major issue stems from it. Besides the fact the PC version published a whopping 3 weeks after the xbox one without a beta to check anything, the servers have been flooded to complete capacity (For comparison, the host blocks usually had 2-3 full per ship and now virtually every single one got pushed beyond capability and they had to add nearly 40 more cubes to each ship. Nevertheless, the real shitshow is not that they didn't think to open a different boat to meet the requirement, or even the truth that the NA version is very poorly optimized (weirdly enough the Japanese version apparently doesn't have the framerate issues NA has).

The actual major issue is for the majority of players Phantasy Star Online 2 will delete itself after you shut Phantasy Star Online 2 out and take PERMISSIONS AWAY FROM THE USER. Folks have been spending hours and it looks like everyone has their own unique issue. People have needed to change windows permissions for folders, I have seen files be deleted and refilled randomly from the computer itself and seemingly users experience issues where Phantasy Star Online 2 will somehow keep the utilized data that was simply deleted, so there is like 70 gb of worthless data consumed on your hard disk which you can't get rid of without a powershell script.

It's legit among the most fucked up launches I have ever seen for a game and it seems to be completely because Sega attempted to shake the Microsoft xbox live shit in their match and refuse to release it on steam. Oh yeah, it's a windows store match that is exclusive. Paradoxically, setting up a Japanese accounts and installing the translation patch is a lot easier than trying to get Phantasy Star Online 2 to run in NA. I know nothing about Phantasy Star Online 2, except The purchase, and I do not really play MMOs, but my roommate was sitting with his friends until like... 2-3 am yesterday trying to get Phantasy Star Online 2 to run. And he started since around 5pm. I don't know if he did make it.

Yeah, if your installation becomes corrupted and you may no longer launching Phantasy Star Online 2, if you uninstall Phantasy Star Online 2 it is only going to uninstall the launcher but abandon like 50GB of stains behind. It will hide these 50GB worth of documents in a file that takes away your admin privileges so that it's a fight to get in the folder and eventually delete everything. And you need to do this since Phantasy Star Online 2 won't replace the old files if you attempt to just reinstall Phantasy Star Online 2, because that would make too much sense, so you wind up with your hard disk now being consumed by over 100GB using the chance of the primary problem still persisting so as soon as you shut Phantasy Star Online 2 you won't have the ability to start it again.

There are several people saying that this is exactly what each MMO launch resembles, but after spending six hours troubleshooting yesterday I can confidently say it's the worst launch I have ever dealt with. It is so much easier just to download and fanpatch that the JP release and perform there because of how fuckin' poor the Windows shop has screwed up things. Hell, you can alter a SINGLE CONFIG LINE from the JP launcher and it will download the entire US version. At some stage somebody took vital functionality out, though and caught on. It's infuriating that non-Windows-store fucking WORKS and they decided to just brick it. On top of all that, JP version has improved optimization, SOMEHOW has higher-quality visuals, and may actually be modded and tinkered with once it is successfully installed.

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