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Runescape does have a variant that is mobile but it is restricted

Additionally, there are tons of miniquests you can perform collectively but they're grouped articles most of the time as well and can be hard to locate people to do with depending on the minigame and time. You'll also be spending a significant quantity of time grinding abilities up to a place at which it's possible to do most things if you're new and do not know where to get started with but that may be fixed by asking more experienced RuneScape players as well as looking things up on manuals on youtube or even the wonderful wiki which RuneScape has (likely the best preserved wiki in any mmo out there). It is hard to go in detail about lots of those things in RuneScape and its weaknesses and strenghts but overall its a game that holds up decent and may be incredibly fun with the right people to play with.

RuneScape additionally has free-to-play so feel free to generate a character and begin trying it. The tutorial part of RuneScape has ever been kind of poor but you can get over that barrier pretty quickly and I would strongly recommend going through settings and customising your port as the default interface is oretty unideal. Should you feel the camera is somewhat off in the beginning theres camera styles in the configurations. I really don't know what else I would say to someone who wants to try out RuneScape but if you have any questions you are always free to ask them.

If you plan on getting into RuneScape seriously I strongly recommend you play PC and use the version for quite low intensity content. Pros skill ceiling for combat. You continue getting better and can spend hundreds to tens of thousands of hours to the combat system. The battle system is complicated enough and difficult enough that its quite rewarding to successfully pull off something fresh, or kill a boss more efficiently. This also includes huge in game benefits, where doing the level combat methods end up becoming 10 - earnings than mob killing and skilling earning.

A lot of RuneScape in the beginning is simply leveling up your character's abilities, doing quests, killing things and occasionally talking to others. Finally that content gets mundane to most RuneScape gamers, thankfully there's lots of term goals RuneScape players may set their sights on. This includes earning experience in skills past the most level and maximizing xp gaining efficacy (you still gain observable xp up until 200,000,000 in each skill), getting exceptional in battle and maximizing efficiency in boss battles and also for mobs, finishing loads of lore content outside the couple hundred quests in sport, earning the completionist and trimmed completionost capes (requires completion of extended lists of accomplishments with loads of skilling, killing, minigame and lore related conditions ).

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