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They are wanting to utilize MADDEN cash on the MADDEN game

So we are going to be getting some sort of compensation for the money we spent madden cash that will be lost? Being made to spend the currency on things which don't especially interest me at the moment because the only other solution is to shed it does not sit well with me and I am sure the exact same can be said for many others. I am able to say for sure that if some type of compensation going into next season is not at the works, I refuse to spend money on Madden NFL 21 heading. This is not a fantastic choice and the excuse that"it is not possible with the newest program" seems just like a cop out, particularly since EA has a pretty good record of doing shitty things.

Have you played any sports Madden NFL? This is pretty standard the things you pay real money for do not carry over from year to year. I have and still do. And I can go back and play those Madden NFL and use the currency that I spent on that match. This is a app, with no ability to go back and play with this season and spend the currency cash was spent by me on. Can you complain when they cease updating and providing you to purchase in the old Madden NFL? Therefore, why were not you spending it on exactly the same items when it was the current version while you can invest your currency still?

Madden Cash has always transferred from year to year. If this was not likely to occur this year, over 6 months notice could have been nice. As there has been no good reason since Ultimate Freeze to utilize the MC people have been stockpiling their own MC. Now they are forced to use money purchased with REAL MONEY on something they might not want. Its like having a Gift Card so it does not go to waste in a shop that is going out of business. Right, but folks don't complain of not being able to use that gift card at a different shop. No offense, but why would you continue to invest money when there has been nothing worthwhile? And the"but that's how it's always been" argument is the worst.

Nobody is asking to use the Madden Cash. They are wanting to utilize MADDEN cash on the MADDEN game. Best Buy can't lawfully close their doors and say"We're opening up in 4 weeks as Best Buy 2.0, so use all your gift cards because they will no longer be valid because we're no longer Best Buy". No but Madden NFL like Call of Duty and MLB: The Show can come out with a new version each year and not allow you to carry currency you paid money for over. Console Madden does let you upgrade the edition to the new edition, you need to purchase that, although it's basically a upgrade.

Does anyone else not believe any of this its not possible b.s.? If they desired to make it happen it would anything is possible. It may be hard, expensive and need more funds, but being lied to this all sorts of aspects can't be carried over because its"hopeless" seems like EA will release a shit game they ran out of time to prepare properly. It is not feasible. Everything is possible but it will be pointless. They're currently starting fresh with a new program. Sure it's possible to get back together with your ex but better if you move on.

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