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Ramiro Pack
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One or two followers would be okay then it would start to feel cramped to me. It a really very fun mod and I enjoyed this one with just my one follower. The garden and business aspect is wonderful and...
Ramiro Gonyea
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As someone who saw the movie last night in a pre screening. The movie was downright hilarious. I originally thought 5 mins in that "oh here we go, a movie about killing conservatives. It was overcast ...
Ramiro Gonyea
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The closest thing that we have as far as satellite providers would be Shaw and Bell ExpressVu. Bell ExpressVu is very similar to DirectTV, same equipment. Although Bell is transitioning a lot of the c...
Ramiro Gonyea
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There are a few other nuanced use cases of being able to figure out if there is detection nearby if you invisible as if the creeps can see you, they will aggro you. So if you invisible and you "pump f...
Ramiro Gonyea
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IMPRS is a top programme. You already applied to (and been rejected from) a bunch of middling astro programmes, so your chances of success at a T5 one is practically zero. If your previous application...