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Topic: superhero costumes

Dave Konig
Vampire Costume Suggestions Or Vampiress
In fact some of the styles and designs really do have to be viewed to be believed, they are absolutely stunning within a blood drawing kind of way. They seriously create that mysterious nevertheless s...
Dave Konig
Drunken Lemurs Control The Galaxy
Hulk: DLC, Gladiator Hulk. It's the previous notable costume he's donned. Or maybe he'll wear his new Dread Itself costume. Chris Redfield: Again, unfamiliar with him. I'm sure they have various costu...
Dave Konig
The Costumes Of X-Men
Capitol Premium in The Hunger Games. Dress up For The Apocalypse: helpful information for post-apocalyptic film fashion. Person of Interest: The person in the go well with. Most of them will be either...
Dave Konig
Doll Tuesday: The Best 'My Leading man Academia' Toys
This super detailed sculpture from ArtFX stands half a dozen inches taller and recreates all of the design and style elements of Bakugo’s costume and stance. The top gun of My Hero Academia, All Might...