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Topic: USB charging backpack

Marylou Lipscombe
bobby backpack 63371
There was heat shrink tubing on the ends of the rods but these got cut by just pushing in the rods, so I ripped them off and the rods are easier to install now. The rods don collapse so the cover is p...
Marylou Lipscombe
theft proof backpack 95346
RAID SOMEONE YOUR SIZE after your stream ends. Make it someone you don know. A raid is a great conversation starter and an introduction to a new community. Every now and then this will happen and it s...
Marylou Lipscombe
pacsafe backpack 82993
The key here is that we maintain a certain number of tame shove voles in the grooming area, by sending eggs to the incubator when their number falls below (with the critter sensor). You need 2 shove v...
Marylou Lipscombe
anti theft travel backpack 87292
As you found NZ can be super lovely and benign, but I think that catches people out it's still a few very isolated islands in the pacific with serious alpine conditions, with serious wind and rainfall...
Marylou Lipscombe
anti theft backpack 10578
Automod automatically flags posts/comments containing content that looks like spam or general nastiness (but note that she also can be overeager). Sometimes she will flag new accounts, so if you're ne...