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3 Ways to Find Out About Cheating on Your Wife

3 ways to find out about cheating on your wife

How can I find out about my wife’s cheating with 100% accuracy in 2022? Is it possible to listen to her conversations? Is it possible to find out about cheating on her correspondence with phone tracker apps?

Cheating on your wife is painful, horrible and ugly at the same time. The world crumbles with the knowledge that she was with someone else, and the only question spinning in her head is, “Why?” What a woman lacks, why she goes to another and what makes her cheat in the first place – many articles have been written about this. However, we are not writers and psychologists. We are developers of software that will allow you to be aware of everything your wife is doing on your phone and not only.

Our task is to give you specific working ways to find out about your wife’s cheating, so you can present her with the facts, from which she will not turn away. Or vice versa, calm down and see that she just talks a lot with her girlfriends, correspondence about shopping, flowers and parenting.

Three ways to find out about your wife’s infidelity in 2022

Method 1: Get a phone and install the program

The first way involves taking your spouse’s phone and installing the mSpy phone tracker app yourself.

After installation you will be able to:

  • – find out cheating by correspondence – turn on the function of screenshots (screenshots) – you will see everything she does on the phone – with whom she corresponds and about what;
  • – listen to all conversations – turn on the function “record all phone calls” – you will get not only what time, with whom and how long his wife talked on the phone, but about what;
  • – whether she’s cheating at work – turn on remote surroundings recording and take pictures from the camera;
  • – determine the location – must be in one place, but in fact is in another;
  • – the love correspondence in social networks – then the notifications will come to help, which will come to the curtain of her phone and will be intercepted by our application – you will be able to see the incoming messages;
  • – Skype can be monitored with screenshots;
  • – turn on the “keyboard archiving” function – and see everything she types, i.e. to whom and what she replies;
  • – all the photos that his wife keeps on her phone will be available;
  • – interception of text messages (even if they shoot) from Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Imo and Gem4me, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook;
  • – interception of voice messages from WhatsApp and Telegram;
  • browser history (which sites were visited);
  • – and much more (see Features).

And how do you find out about your wife’s cheating if you don’t have access to her phone? Then two other ways come to the rescue.

Method 2. Present a new one, already prepared.

So, now let’s look at a way to figure out how to cheat on his wife to the husband who does not have access to the phone – closed on a schedule key or is constantly carrying and not parting with the phone even for a minute.
You can buy our ready-made phone and give it to his wife on March 8 or Birthday. Women like to receive gifts and it will not cause any suspicion on her part.
All details of the order – how to select the brand of phone, where to pay and how it will be delivered to you (or you will come to install) – all this you can learn from our online consultants.

Method 3. Account (page) hacking

This is quite expensive, but it allows you to get the entire archive, which is currently available (all correspondence, all voice, all the photos). If you need the messages deleted by his wife, then it is checked if it is possible to restore the deleted correspondence. The price of course immediately rises even higher.


Before you install a spy or use a hack, remember that all this violates moral, ethical and legal standards of behavior. After all, we have been told since childhood that it is not nice to read other people’s letters and eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.

But, as the saying goes, “He who does not risk…” It’s better to find out about your wife’s cheating with 100% accuracy and rub it in your face with facts than to accuse her without proof. Or vice versa, to make sure of her innocence and live peacefully, without destroying the family unfounded suspicions.

So you decide which way you want to learn about cheating on your wife in 2021 – we have provided a really working and 100% proven ways – the choice is yours.