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How to Understand That the Husband Cheated and Is Cheating

How to understand that the husband cheated and is cheating

Hi all! So, let’s get started… (article written by a woman).

Do you think he’s cheating? Don’t rush to pin him to the wall with nails and other improvised means. Of course, if you try medieval torture, he might confess. But as a rule, the man will unlock until the last moment, until you do not collect all the evidence of adultery.

If this topic is close to your heart, I’m willing to share my thoughts and experiences on how to figure out if your husband is cheating and check it with phone tracker app. And there will also be some tips on how to move on with your life.
How to know if your husband is cheating on you: Signs

Unfortunately, all the typical signs of cheating are not always:

  • – Delay at work,
  • – lack of intimacy between spouses,
  • – husband’s new hobbies.
  • – are all circumstantial evidence that a man is cheating.

But, men are not fools. Imagine, they, too, know about the existence of the Internet and know how to use it. The fact that wives “smell” their unfaithful ones by these signs, men also know. If your other half is not engaged in adultery for the first time, he will do everything so that you do not suspect anything!
How do you know if your husband is cheating on you? Unfortunately, the signs are not immediately recognizable. A man should be observed for some time.

So, here is my list of signs of male infidelity:

  • – Calls “from work” and texts became 2 times more. This sign is still the proof that most likely, his mistress is a woman not very clever, since she knows about his situation, and constantly writes and calls him. Usually this is a sin of young girls, who have only romance on their mind.
  • As a rule, after marriage and the birth of children, all romance in a relationship is eaten by life, so he wants a gentle sms like: “I love you, my dear. Not yours: “Buy a loaf and a packet of butter. And don’t forget to pick up the baby from day care.”
  • An experienced cheater texts back inconspicuously. And their cell phone is always on silent mode at home, so that the nosy wife never asks who always writes so late.
  • However, not all mistresses like to send messages. If she is also married, then the correspondence will be exclusively in the daytime, during working hours, while her husband is at work.
  • – Change in the relationship. Not always irritability and apathy are signs of a man’s infidelity. But, it is an alarming signal that his attitude toward you has changed. He met her, and immediately realized that his woman is not good enough. And the borscht doesn’t taste good, and her legs are crooked. And hers is better, tastier, slimmer. So he comes home from work and realizes he wants to be somewhere else now.
  • Just don’t run right away for a new recipe for borscht, or to the surgeon for new legs. He will find a bunch more flaws in you, just to justify his going out. So to speak, to justify himself and to quiet the voice of his conscience.
  • – “Go fishing with Herman” Or with Misha to the billiard room, or with Anton to the baths. It didn’t matter. It was one thing if he liked to spend time with this friend even before the wedding. It’s quite another when he suddenly fell in love with the Russian bathhouse or fishing, and now he goes there often. By the way, it’s not necessarily the case that a man won’t go fishing if he really loves it. He will go, but instead of Vladik, he will take his mistress with him. To combine pleasure with pleasure.

Most cheaters like to hide behind their work. This is very convenient, because wives are rarely taken with them to corporate events, covering up ethics, they are not familiar with their colleagues at work.

How to check her husband for adultery at home

After all, we women are lazy creatures. Even suspecting her husband of infidelity, we hammer in a search engine the cherished phrase: “how to check at home if her husband is cheating. We have no time to organize spy games, follow him from work to home, and so on. We would be at home without changing your usual robe, slicing salad at the same time. So that in the case of a positive result, this plate with lettuce to put on his head. Okay… what was I saying?

There are only two ways to test your husband at home:

  • – if he’s inexperienced in lovemaking,
  • – or if he has any conscience left.

Why? It is difficult for an inexperienced cheater to hide his feelings. He is in love, he wants constant communication with his beautiful lady, so he may forget to delete correspondence in social networks, or not in time to answer the phone.

In the second case, a man is tormented by the throes of conscience. He is looking for flaws in you and begins to despise you. Try to behave unusually, and he will be surprised so that he can not control himself. His conscience will begin to gnaw at him again.
For example, start complimenting him. Yes, yes, I know you are boiling inside, and you would love to pour that boiling water on his head. But grit your teeth, give him a charming smile, and tell him how much you love him and are looking forward to getting off work today. He’ll get confused, he’ll blush, he’ll mutter something out of place.

After a while, you can share with him an imaginary funny story. It turns out that your mother’s neighbor’s husband was cheating with some rogue girl. And a mutual acquaintance ratted out the infidel with the guts. Now he has nothing to cheat with. At the end you can gently add: “But I know you would never do that, my love. If he did not choke on his borscht, do not blush, and do not goggle at you frightened eyes, then he does not associate himself with what he heard.

Signs of anxiety will be:

  • – A running look;
  • – He turns pale/red. Thinking for a long time before answering.
  • – Nervously rubbing something in his hands, or constantly rubbing his nose/eye/ear. Clearly hiding something! And worried that you’ll find out about everything.

But if your husband is a seasoned cheater, he won’t be embarrassed in any way by stories of severed virtues or changes in your attitude toward him. Or rather, he will be wary and act even more carefully. Alas, it is not always possible to expose him at home.
If he is hiding behind friends, nothing prevents you carefully copy the phone number of the same Vladik, and chat with him after allegedly leaving her husband on a fishing trip with a friend. Call this same friend to, for example, to warn your loved one that he forgot his keys (wallet, phone). If Vladic is surprised, he knows nothing about fishing, then sit down on the couch and wait for your loved one home. With a rolling pin in his hand or in new underwear – you decide.

What to do if you found out that her husband is cheating

First of all, decide for yourself whether you’re ready to forgive infidelity. No – so while you wait, you can gently put his belongings in a travel bag. Or throw them out the window, cut into little pieces, give the homeless.
By the way, such activities distract from sad thoughts, help to discharge the accumulated energy. Just before you execute the infidel, do not forget to tell him that you are aware of his adventures.

Some tips on what to do if you found out about your husband’s cheating:

  • – If you want to save your marriage, don’t throw a scandal and tantrums. While he’s gone, take a look in the mirror. Maybe, drowning in the everyday life, you’ve really forgotten about yourself. Bunch on his head instead of hair, tired look, no fire in his eyes – everything for which you loved him once.
  • – In his absence, take care of yourself, do not cry and do not call her friends. They will not help you, believe me. One half of the ladies will leave their heads, saying what a jerk he is and that he should be dumped right away. Others will advise you to find a lover too and get revenge. None of these options are good enough for you if you want to get your old feelings back.
  • – While he is away, go to the hairdresser and change the bundle to a new fancy hairstyle.
  • – Cook dinner for the one you love.
  • – Think about why you love your husband. Write all his positive qualities on paper.
  • – Drink some wine (just don’t overdo it!), lie in the bathtub, relax.

You have two choices:

  • – Option #1. Tell him that you know everything and offer to make a choice.
  • – Option #2. Try to get his attention, refresh the relationship.

Not sure if he’ll choose you? Then option #2 is more appropriate for you.


  1. Change your attitude, give him double the affection and love.
  2. Bring back into family life passionate kisses, slutty hints, experiments in bed.
  3. Take care of a new closet, offer to spend leisure time together.
  4. Movies, vacations to the sea, trips to mutual friends – anything your soul desires – will please both you and him.
  5. Take an interest in what he’s doing at work.
  6. Start texting in joking and erotic formats.

To understand whether your husband is cheating on you, the above signs are enough.

In any case, you will always have time to execute him. Give a chance to not only him, but yourself to be better and save your marriage.

Good luck to all!