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The Best Way to Find Out if He Is Cheating or Not

How to Follow Your Husband or Wife?

The Best Way to Find Out if He Is Cheating or Not

Jealousy is one of the common problems in family relationships. But not always this feeling arises baselessly, as the other half begins to behave suspiciously: misses phone calls, changes habits, more carefully begins to monitor the appearance, avoids conversations. Trust is the basis of any relationship, but the mysterious behavior of the partner makes it necessary to organize surveillance. A mini-device, which is commonly called “GPS bug” will help you find out what your wife or your husband is doing and what the changes in his behavior are related to.

GPS beacon can be hidden in clothing, a bag or a car, pre-synchronizing the device with a smartphone and phone tracker app. You will be aware of your lover’s movements and compare his words with real actions.

Functions of the GPS bug

The device has a built-in satellite sensor, which determines the geolocation of GLONASS and GPS. Data transmission is carried out via GSM, than the principle of the “beacon” resembles that of a cell phone. Therefore, the signal in the areas covered by the mobile provider is impossible to catch.

GPS bug is a universal device designed not only to spy on the husband or wife. It also performs other useful functions:

1. Parental control – you can be sure of your child’s safety when he or she is not near you. If your son or daughter wears a beacon, parents won’t have to call every minute to find out where their child is and if they’re okay.
2. Taking care of an elderly or disabled relative – the disabled person will be under constant control. The device has an SOS button, which with a single press will help notify relatives about the dangerous situation.
3. Pet tracking – if the cat or dog is walking without a leash, you will always know where the pet is. Just attach a miniature GPS tracker to the collar.
4. Car theft protection – the tracker will help you always know where your car is. If it is stolen by intruders, you will instantly be able to notify law enforcement of the vehicle’s movements.
5. Commercial purposes – beacons are used to track employees of courier services, security guards, merchandisers, etc.
6. Protection of property from theft – by putting a beacon in a valuable parcel, you will know exactly where the shipment is. If it does not reach the recipient, you will be able to find out if the delivery service employee embezzled your shipment.

Pros of “bug” for human tracking

  1. Works on a single charge for up to two months. You do not need any additional batteries or wires that interfere with the discreet use of the device.
  2. The use of “bug” is absolutely free (no subscription fees).
  3. The miniature size of the device will help you hide the equipment in your clothes or bag, and no one will find it.
  4. Works at any distance.

How to use:

  1. First, charge the device.
  2. Insert the SIM card of any mobile operator into the slot.
  3. Install the mobile application for your smartphone (Android/IOS).
  4. 4. See in real time the movement of the object, the history of routes, stops on Google Map.

If you need a tracking beacon for people, contact us. GOTRACK specialists will tell you about the range and guide you in choosing the device at the lowest price.